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Tandem Trial flight

Have you always wanted to give paragliding a try, or want to give the adventurer in your world the perfect gift then this is the perfect way to check it out


The tandem trial flight is the ideal way to check paragliding out before committing to a PG 1 course or just to check out the sport.


We normally have a 20min to 30min flight at one of our coastal sites, Normally Mangawhai, Ocean Beach in Whangarei or the specatular Te Mairie on the West Coast.


Cost: $ 185 per person 

PG 1

Beginner Rating

Okay now you are serious and want to get a rating. This is the first step in your way to flying on your own. You will achieve all the New Zealand NZHGPA syallabus for PG 1 and this rating will allow you to fly basic sites under the guidance and supervision of an instructor.


This is normally a 2-3 day course where we cover the theory with our own specially developed hand book. 


Within the three days you will learn to be confident in setting up the glider, launching and safely flying on the coast or our inland training site. This is what its all about your first step into one of the greatest sports and learn what paragliding is all about. The NZHGPA PG 1 course is is the start to your formal training.


Cost: $685.50



PG 2

  Its time to get serious! to gain a qualification that allows you to fly unsupervised and to really indulge what this sport is about. 


This is the course for those who have got the bug and choose to pursue the beautiful sport of Paragliding.

The course typically takes about 10 - 15 training days, depending on how frequently you can train, how much good weather you strike and how you progress.  


You will get to the stage where you can confidently fly by yourself pretty much anywhere you like. You will be soaring along the coast and thermalling at many different beautiful Northland sites. Instructional tandems and the latest international teaching techniques letting you achieve this goal in the safest and most efficient way possible.


In comprehensive theory sessions you will gain knowledge of weather, aerodynamics and flight theory to give you the understanding of the sport to make it safe and fun.


The cost of this course depends on how you plan to go about it. Since this is the course for those who are going to get into flying seriously, most pilots purchase their own equipment after PG1. This way, we offer special package deals, which include a glider, a harness, back protector etc and the PG2 instructions.


Here are indicative costs

Package Deal

Training, purchase of equipment excludes PG1 as one package price . Autumn special


$6875 includes New 2020 Ozone Element paragliding wing and a new ozone solo harness. New equipment is all custom ordered you the pilot based on size, weight and ability.


Training only /hiring equipment or supplying your own.

$2175.00  PG2 course only, this is limited to completing in eight months we ensure that every opportunity it is flyable we fly. You must have done the PG1 course first. 


Equipment hire Is  $85.00 per day. 


Training with own equipment NOTE

It has to be certified warranted EN A glider with certified harness. Both within size and weight range for the pilot.


Most students go with the package deal as its a saving of about $1500.00 and makes sure you start in new gear thats suited for you.






Advanced Training Guided Trips

Just ask we can either provide a guide, an instructor and retrieve packages. So tell us what you want and we can customise a day out for you. We have organised retrieves in Northland. Make your day easy and successful.



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