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Do I need my own equipment?

No. The school provides all the paragliding equipment you need, gliders, harnesses, helmets and radios are all supplied. However it's advised you wear sturdy ankle-supporting footwear which you will need to provide and some students prefer to wear their own personal helmets from other outdoor sports activities. This is fine as long as it is suitable for the activity of paragliding. Often the most important equipment is a hat, sunglasses, sun cream and water. 

Is the New Zealand qualification legal abroad?

Yes, when you gain your PG2 you also apply for an IPPI card; the International Pilot Proficiency Identification provides a standard reference by which all national rating programs may be compared. When you travel abroad this card, together with your NZHGPA rating card, gives flying site managers, instructors and others responsible for paragliding flight operations an easy way of verifying your pilot experience level prior to approval of flight activities and membership to their organisation. These cards are obtainable with your PG2 for a $20 fee.

How much does the equipment weigh?

4kg to 20kg dependant on what type of equipment you are using. An average weight for a full bag of equipment would be around 12kg to 16kg or 26lb to 35lb

What if I want to do extra flights after the course?

Yes, we encourage students to stay and keep flying with the school after they complete their course, this is always at a reduced rate. We always look after our friends'

What age can I learn to paraglide?

Any age!! Legally you have to be 16 or over, or if you are under 16 you can still learn with parental consent and if the instructor deems you suitable. There is no upper age limit and the sport often attracts the veteran generation. Every club has its 70 something actively flying, maybe you could beat that! 


Do I need to be fit?

You need to be mobile and a moderate level of fitness but many of the sites are easy accessible by vehicle.


Do I need any transport?

No. The school provides free transport to and from the sites from Mangawhai.


When is the best time to learn?

All year round in the north. Ideally the summer months from November to April allow us to show you thermal flying .There are advantages starting in the winter months a once you receive your license you will have the rest of the summer to develop the skills you have learnt. 

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