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Paragliding Training


















Our simple but professional instruction is delivered by me Mike. It enables you to train to NZ and worldwide levels in paragliding . We are the only Northland based school and predominantly offer tandem trial flights, weekend and school holiday intsruction for PG1 and PG2 local paragliding site guiding and tours. We do some limited cross country flying training and combine this with equipment rental and sales. So if you want to come fly come see us. For more info click below. 

Adventure Courses/Triathlon Training/Hiking

















Our ex military and NZOIA approved instructors run a variety of outdoor courses for those wanting basic outdoor skills to NCEA holiday programmes offering pathways into the outdoors we can cater it for you. Or just a local guide/ or a locals heads upto bush and scenic walks and tramps .

Water Sports


















We offer you water sport guiding options in some of the safest harbours and breaks ideally suited to learners or more. As well as kite-surf guiding, surf lessons, surf guides and sea kayaking we can help you with all your water sports enquiries. If you need equipment we are able to provide it and in most case or have special  local only deals with a number of outlets. For training we recommend you to one of our associates and ensure that all training is done by NZ Adventure Safety Audited businesses. (and you get the local rate)


About Fergs Paragliding and Adventure
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Northland is an uncrowded adventure paradise, let us guide you and provide the right instruction. We have coastal soaring sites where you will be the only ones in the air and have the advantage of local knowledge. 


We have sites for Paragliding, Watersports and Tramping that only the local knows about.  If you are training for triathlons or adventure races we can tailor a course with drop off and safety coverage for all levels, 


So come and adventure with us share our paradise



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